120 Hr TESOL Course (Face to Face)

Our PRACTICAL course option includes 4 weeks in-class intensive study, but focuses on the teaching practice as the most important component. The candidates work with the instructors and they are given different assignment and the instructors provide 24/7 support in order to help the candidates complete the course successfully. This means that they answer on their questions related to the assignments, give as many examples as possible to make candidates understand the concept better, provide the necessary help with the lesson plans and revision of the material (theoretical component) so that they will successfully pass the final exam. The candidates build their own portfolio that can be used in the future when they apply for jobs along with their CV. This can give clear picture about their teaching style and philosophy. Why is this option the ideal course option? It is ideal, because it fully prepares the candidates to start the teaching career with confidence.

Classroom Management

Lesson Planning

Teaching Skills


Testing and Evaluation

EFL Methodology

Teachers and Learners

Teaching Equipment and Materials

Teaching Across Age Groups

Teaching Across Proficiency Levels

Pedagogical Grammar

Teaching Practice

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