About Us

“Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.”

Who We Are!

We are an institute specialized in training candidates to become English teachers and build their teaching careers, or candidates who are already teachers however they want to improve themselves in their field professionally. Our course is aimed for candidates who want to travel the world and change many peoples’ lives.
Our program includes many benefits and advantages such as;

flexible courses and professionalism

24/7 support from the instructors to help you get through the course successfully

job opportunities

CV and interview preparation

competitive salaries

70% teaching practice concentration

immediate feedback from the trainer and classmates

workshops to share ideas and experiences

stay in touch with all the candidates and provide lifelong assistance

outside the classroom activities to explore Istanbul and learn about the culture, excursion.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to assist the candidates in their studies to become successful English teachers and start their prospective careers in teaching. Our Vision is to build a lifelong relationship with our candidates, stay in touch, update each other with information and share their career moments and adventures with us.

Our Strengths

We are located in Istanbul which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and there is an increasing demand for qualified English teachers. More than 2000 teachers are hired each year. As a centre, we have a partnership with one of the best recruitment agencies in Turkey and we assist our graduates secure decent jobs after they successfully complete the program. They can secure jobs not just in Istanbul but in any city in Turkey. Besides, we help them find jobs in other countries, as well. This is another good reason to join our program. Get qualified as an English teacher and make a difference in English teaching world. We make sure that our candidates are fully equipped with up-to-date knowledge for the 21st century’s teaching challenges.